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"Dream World", arguably the most important card in a "Dreamworld" deck.

"Dreamworld" is an archetype of monsters created for the /vp/ TCG poject.

Play style and StrategyEdit

The "Dreamworld' is comprised of low and high-leveled monsters who commonly share the following traits:

-Levels 3-4: These monsters have two effects each; one primary and one secondary. The primary effects are based on the monster's "Pokemon Dream World" ability and can be activated at any time, while their secondary effects are triggered upon activation of their first effect, but only if there is a face-up "Dream World" on the field.

-Levels 5-7: These monsters can be special summoned by tributing a face-up Dreamworld monster, but they cannot declare an attack on the turn in which they are summoned in this manner. Theyir effects are based on their "Pokemon Dream World" abilities, and can only be activated if there is a face-up "Dream World" on the field.

-Synchros: All synchros of the "Dreamworld" archetype(with the exception of "Dreamworld Chandelure") have high levels and are very limited in what they can do if "Dream World" is not face-up on the field(such as not being able to declare an attack or activate their effects), in order to balance out their high attack and powerful effects..

-Xyz: The Xyz monsters of this archetype are less powerful than their stronger, synchro counerparts, but are easier to summon and are less limited in what they can do(but still benefit from "Dream World's field presence)

"Dreamworld" archetype focuses primarily on tributing and special summoning(either by monste effect or Syncho/Xyz summoning) to get out their most powerful monsters, but suffers quite a bit if there is no "Dream World" field spell present.

List of "Dreamworld" MonstersEdit



Spells and Traps

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