Lairon Card

Steel Machination is an archetype based solely around Steel/Machine like Pokemon. It's based on my currently existing Cyber Deck, slightly updated for 2013 play, it's not entirely too viable with Numbers/XYZ/Synchro existing, so it wouldn't be a problem when it comes to the actual game in terms of defeating, but would provide a challenge. Maybe something for an advanced Booster Deck/Pack or something. 

Everything has been uploaded, some cards may already exist, I didn't go through the tons of cards uploaded, so if they need to be changed for Official Cards selected by The Council, let me know and I'll fix it. 

Steel Machination Monster CardsEdit

Beast of Iron, Lairon x3

Aron the Iron Beast x3

Beldum the Metallic Arm x3

Battle Fortress Forretress x3

Magneton the Living Magnet x3

Magneton the Polarized Magnet x2

Magnetic Storm, Magnezone x1

Beast of Boulders, Onix x1

Steelix the Metallic Serpent x1

Steel Machination Spell CardsEdit

Blacked Out x1

Champion's Resolution x1

Future Sight x2

Revive x1

Steel Bond x2

Sandstorm x1

Downpour x1

Steven Stone's Machines x1

Stone Corporation Evolution x1

Growl x2

Steel Machination Trap CardsEdit

Barrier x1

Flinch x1

The Pokemon Tower x1

Type Surgery x1

Reflect x1

Self-Destruct x1

Steel Machination Extra DeckEdit

Skarmory the Silver Avian x2

Ferrothorn the Spiked Mine x2

Armored Mantis Scizor x1

Armored Beast Aggron x1

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